Hormead C of E
First and Nursery School

"Love of Learning, Love of Life Itself and Love of God"

"I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." John 10:10

Worship Council

Our Worship Council Pledge

"We will make sure that we mirror Jesus' love, kindness and respect."


At Hormead School, we, as Worship Council, want everyone to be able to access inspiring, exciting and meaningful Collective Worship and have access to calm, reflective spaces. We believe it is our job to be ambassadors of our school Christian values. We aim to be role models for other children in our school through the way we behave, interact and lead others.

Our role as Worship Council is to monitor Collective Worship, giving feedback about things we and other children have enjoyed or would like to see more of. We also plan and have leading roles in worship, reading passages from the Bible, reading prayers we have written and that other children in our class have written.

We also support in setting up for Collective Worship. We get the reflective slides ready, choose some calming music for children to enter to and get the song of the day ready. We also help lead reading stories, scripture and prayer – including meeting regularly with Rachael Went from the BRAVE trust who supports us in generating new ideas.

As Worship Council, we are also responsible for our outdoor 'Cosy Cabin' - this is a space where children can go for quiet and calm, and to engage in relaxing activities such as reading and colouring, during break and lunch times. 


Worship Council Meetings & Updates - 2023/24


November 2023 - The children have been thinking about ways in which we can develop our 'Cosy Cabin' further to ensure it is accessible to those who need it most, as well as any new resources which might be nice to add to the space. Worship Council have also met with Rachael Went from the Brave Trust, who has discussed ways to develop opportunities for prayer in our school.


January 2024 - The children discussed a system for using the 'Cosy Cabin' whereby children can get a yellow band to wear at a break or lunchtime from their classroom. This will ensure that a wider range of children can access the space as needed. The children talked about their role in worship and how they would like to lead some this term. 


The children met with Rachael Went to plan and design our new spirituality art display. This will be a whole school project, led by Worship Council, with a stain glass window theme. The display will represent our Hormead vision and what it means to live out our vision as pupils and staff at Hormead. Everyone is excited to see the end result!