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School Day & Term Dates


School  Gate Opens at 8.30am.

Class teachers will be waiting at the classroom doors to welcome children in from 8.35am for Registration.  There will be Morning Work/Busy Finger activities for children to be getting on with in class whilst the register is taken. Parents of children in Nursery and Reception may walk their child to the classroom until they are ready to let go, we find this is usually in the second term. For the rest of the children in the school, we encourage the children to independently walk in through the school gate.

Lessons start at 8.45am and finish at 3.15pm giving a 32.5 hour week.
Our register closes at 8:55am when the gate closes. 

If your child is running late, you will need to enter via the office entrance and sign your child into the late register. 


Preschool and Nursery children finish at 12noon, 1pm or 3pm (a teacher will bring them to the gate).  
All other children finish at 3.15pm.  The gates will open at 3:10pm and parents are invited to come in and wait by the classroom door to collect their child. 
It is parents’/carers’ responsibility to collect their children at the end of their school day, or to make arrangement for their care. To ensure the safety of all children, please inform your child’s teacher or the office, if someone else will be collecting them and as early as possible if the normal arrangements need to be changed unexpectedly. We will always check if the person collecting your child has permission to do so. It saves lots of time and worry if you tell us beforehand! 

If pupils are being taken out of school during the school day, please collect them from the office where you will need to sign them out.

Term Dates 2023/24