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Residential Trips

Here is some pupil voice from our most recent trip in 2023.

Daisy, “My favourite thing was having fun with my friends. My second favourite thing was the zipwire. At first it was a bit scary but then in the end it was fun.”
Aiden P, “My favourite things at Kingswood were the disco, rock climbing, problem solving but it was a long journey here. The leaders were very nice and the activities were fabulous. My favourite leaders were Emma and Chloe because they are it really fun and joyful.”
Leann, “Kingswood was incredible. I had the most fun day of this year! At first you might think that the zipwire was short but it was so high. Everyone was scared at first but then everyone had the courage to do it. It's been so much fun especially the climbing wall. You should have seen Miss Cawsey and Miss Sawyer, they were doing great! We had our lunch at 12:15 and I love their food. It was so delicious it made me want to eat more. My most favourite thing was problem solving as we had to get over the wall and it was cool. Of course, on Thursday we all had a disco and danced together crazily. Everyone bought money with them and we bought toys, drinks, sweets, Kingswood stuff. I bought a cute squishy teddy for my little sister, coffee cup for my parents and a mini stress ball for me.”
Nella, “It has been the best 2 and half days of our lives. It was so much fun and I wish we could return next year. Another thank you to Chloe and Emma for instructing us. I hope you will have fun with the year 3s next year.” 
Austin    , “Kingswood was amazing. We had lots of cool activities like climbing and zipwire.” 
Darcy, “The zipwire was so scary but I loved it. It was amazing. The experience was awesome and cool. I can’t wait for the year 3s to go and have as much of a good time as us.”
Louise, “Kingswood is a fun place to go to. Your rooms are called dorms and they have lots of bunk beds.”
Ruby, “Kingswood is an amazing place to do fantastic activities and sleepover. You can have many adventures at this spectacular place of doors and rooms. My favourite was the disco because we got to play, dance and have fun.”