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Religious Education

Yearly Overview

RE Progression Document

Love of Learning - Love of Life - Love of God


At Hormead, our aim is to provide a religious education (RE) curriculum that provides rich, deep opportunities for spiritual development and personal reflection. Our curriculum develops children’s knowledge and understanding of religion, of faith, of meaning and of belief through the use of purposeful, thought-provoking learning questions.

We encourage our pupils to explore their own beliefs, in the light of what they learn, as they examine issues of religious belief and faith and the impact that these have on individuals and communities. We want our children to continually develop their respect and tolerance of others so that they are able to be compassionate citizens of the future who show kindness and love to all.


Our RE curriculum has been carefully planned and designed based on our aim to enhance all of our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  Our curriculum is underpinned primarily by Understanding Christianity and Discovery RE resources and is in accordance with the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education and the RE Statement of Entitlement set out by the Church of England.

Each half term, our class RE owl poses a question to the children based on the learning for that half term. This overview can be found on our long term plan. This question then becomes a key focal point and an important part of reflection in each lesson, as well as an essential assessment tool at the end of each half term.

Our unit planning is underpinned by the following sequence of thinking and questioning. The following sequence provides an important tool for the planning and delivery of sequences of lessons by our staff:


Step 1: Engagement

What is the key question I am learning about?

What is my starting point?

What are my experiences and initial thoughts in my own world?

Step 2: Investigation

What do I need to know to support my enquiry?

What religious principles and stories will help me?

Step 3: Evaluation

What is my answer to the enquiry? What knowledge have I gained?

Step 4: Expression

Have my initial thoughts changed?

What will I take with me as I continue on my learning journey?

RE lessons at Hormead provide the children with a special and distinct time for reflection and a calm, respectful space to openly and honestly discuss ideas, experiences and questions. Each RE lesson begins with a time for quiet and stillness; a candle is lit, relaxing music is played and the children are encouraged to think about what they have learnt so far, and any new thoughts and ideas that they have. 


  • Pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of, and their ability to respond to, Christianity and other world religions, traditions and views.
  • Pupils will develop their skills of enquiry and response using reflection, questioning and expression.
  • Pupils will be encouraged to consider challenging questions and the influence of religion on individuals, families, communities and cultures.
  • Pupils will develop their sense of identity, their sense of belonging and a respect for and sensitivity to others, in particular those whose faiths and beliefs differ from their own. This will prepare them for life as citizens in a diverse, global society.