Hormead C of E
First and Nursery School

"Love of Learning, Love of Life Itself and Love of God"

"I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." John 10:10


Our Intent

At Hormead, Mathematics is seen as a fundamental and integral part of the school curriculum and is taught both as a discrete subject and across the wider curriculum. Our intention is that children love learning and are excited by Mathematics as we believe developing a positive attitude to this subject is essential in order to be successful. Our curriculum caters for the needs of all individuals to become successful in not just school but in their future working lives. Whatever their ability or starting place, children are able to confidently use and apply mathematical concepts across a variety of situations. Essentially, our ethos at Hormead is that all children can be successful in the study of mathematics. Maths is for everyone! Everyone can!

Maths in the Early Years


Mathematics is one of the specific areas in the EYFS. At Hormead, we recognise that maths is an integral part of day to day life and we instil mathematical concepts not only in our direct teaching and opportunities in child-initiated play but we also thread mathematics through our daily classroom routines. We want our children to not only develop a love of maths but also have the opportunity to learn practical skills through real life application.
For example, we count at every possible opportunity. We count how many children are present, when lining up, counting out milk and fruit, recording the date and counting out how many hands up. We look at concepts of sharing, more/ less, size and measurement at every available opportunity and carefully promote that all adults reinforce and strengthen children’s knowledge.
Our mathematics curriculum stems from the EYFS framework using the White Rose planning scheme, Master the Curriculum resources and Numberblocks in a fun, engaging and positive way. We often use song, rhyme and links through our topics learning. Children learn to count confidently, develop a deep understanding of the numbers to 10, the relationships between them and the patterns within those numbers.
In addition, our curriculum includes rich opportunities for children to develop their spatial reasoning skills across all areas of mathematics including shape, space and measures.
We know how important it is that children develop positive attitudes and interests in mathematics, look for patterns and relationships, spot connections, ‘have a go’, talk to adults and peers about what they notice and not be afraid to make mistakes.
In both Nursery and Reception, it is important children are given the opportunity to learn maths through practical, active, hands-on experiences. We implement this approach into our focused lessons and our continuous provision areas. After learning new concepts, children are given opportunities inside and outside the classroom to apply their understanding through challenges and enhancements to best support our children to internalise and master their learning.

Maths in Action