Hormead C of E
First and Nursery School

"Love of Learning, Love of Life, Love of God"


Our Houses are named after 4 elements, Fire, Wind, Earth and Water.

To bring even more meaning to our Houses, each element is linked to a special story in the bible. At the start of every new year, House Captains are elected in Year 4. We have a House assembly every Tuesday, where all children in the school move to their respective classes to join up with fellow house members. We have a program of assemblies planned and led by teachers and the children themselves, to discuss and learn about current affairs, religious and significant events, and listen to bible stories. One of the first assemblies is led by the  House Captains, who read their special house bible story to the group of children.

Children have the opportunity to earn house points throughout the year  and these are given out in Friday's celebration assembly. It is always an exciting moment, to find out who is in the lead and who will be the winner of our termly house cup!

Moses and the

Burning Bush

Jesus Calms

the Storm

Jesus in the

Garden of


Moses Parts

the Red Sea