Hormead C of E
First and Nursery School

"Love of Learning, Love of Life, Love of God"


Memorable Experiences through Geography and History

Whole School Curriculum Intent

At Hormead, our aim is to promote a positive attitude towards all learning through a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that inspires creativity, discussion and inspiration. We want our children to hold a love of learning new things, and a thirst for knowledge that will stay with them in their future.

Our curriculum aims to teach children about the diverse ever-changing world around them, including how their environment and our society has changed over time and the current issues different communities face.

We also want to help our children with their spiritual development, understanding right from wrong, valuing the importance of truth and equality and having the respect and tolerance to live and work in co-operation with others. Our core school values help to underpin this, being an integral part of our whole school community and daily school life.



Our curriculum

Our curriculum planning recognises the need to carefully sequence knowledge so that each child can build upon their core knowledge and skills effectively, purposefully and with a sense of enjoyment and achievement along the way.

Our curriculum is not only underpinned by the National Curriculum, but by the individual needs or our children and whole school community and our passion to ensure that all of our children are best prepared for their futures. Additionally, we also draw on ideas and planning from existing schemes such as Curriculum Maestro.


Planning and teaching at Hormead provides all children with a rich, broad and creative learning experience in which to embed, extend and deepen their understanding, knowledge and skills. Teachers using a variety of lesson styles, resources and stimulus.

Our learning environments

Our classrooms provide a happy, safe and nurturing learning environment for all children and their learning needs. Classrooms are equipped with a wide range of relevant and high-quality resources. Teachers and staff also make effective use of other school spaces such as our school Hall, teaching kitchen, library and forest school area. Our classroom and corridor displays are purposeful, displaying a careful mix of essential and useful resources and a celebration of children’s work. Displays are built upon with the children so that they are meaningful and can thus be actively used as part of the resources available in class.

Our extended curriculum and opportunities

Learning at Hormead is further enriched through the additional exciting opportunities we plan and provide for our children. Our school is located in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, providing fantastic access to learning outside. Each week, all children spend time in our dedicated Forest School area and outdoor classroom, led by our Forest School teacher, developing key life skills such as fire lighting and tool work, as well as making links to many elements of our wider science and topic curriculums.

Furthermore, learning is enhanced through both internal and external visits, such as reptile workshops, visits from local police officers, external trips linked to key topic learning, visits to the theatre, as well as our participation in local sporting and school competitions.

The role of our staff

All teachers at Hormead take on the role of subject leader for one or more subjects, ensuring that the planning and delivery of lessons across all areas of the curriculum promote progression, independence and enjoyment. All subject leaders provide a strategic lead and direction for the subject, ensure that all colleagues are well supported and advised, and actively promote a love of learning across every subject area.

All teaching assistants are kept well informed of curriculum updates and are an integral part of the planning process, having opportunities to share their ideas and feedback.


Both teaching and leadership staff frequently attend and participate in high quality CPD training to further enhance the curriculum and remain up-to-date with changes, such as those courses provided by HfL.


Curriculum area specifics - see more about each subject's intent in the Curriculum Subject Tabs

History and Geography themes linked to a Memorable Experience