Hormead C of E
First and Nursery School

"Love of Learning, Love of Life, Love of God"

British Values

We are a Church of England School and our Christian Values are at the heart of everything we do and believe in. Children are immersed in a set of values for life and are the best ambassadors at showing our values in action. At Hormead First School, we also uphold and teach pupils about the British Values so that our children are best prepared for their futures in modern Britain. 

These values are taught explicitly through Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE), and Religious Education (RE). Whole school worship assemblies are based around a value each half term and explored through a range of different experiences such as Bible stories, stories from other cultures and 'I wonder' questions. We also teach the British Values through our careful planning and delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum.


British Value

Our Statement

Where will you see this at Hormead?

What impact will this have on the children?

Mutual respect.


The tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


Our core school value of respect is integral to our school community. We discuss this value in depth, focusing not only on our respect for ourselves and those closest to us, but our respect for the world, the environment and its communities.


Respect runs through our RE and PSHE planning, as well as our collective worship and assembly focus.

Our core school values.

Our PSHE sessions.

Our collective worship and assemblies.

Through our RE planning.

Learning walks around our school and seeing our curriculum in action.

Our website and Twitter.

Our celebrations e.g. ‘World Day’, ‘European Day of Languages’

Visits to religious places

Celebrating world festival days such as Holi and Diwali.

Celebrating Black History Month

Our children’s exemplary behaviour around school demonstrates a secure understanding of respect for others and themselves.


Our children can talk about different faiths, cultures and religions, demonstrating tolerance and asking questions.




Our school community as a whole, be it children, parents or staff, work fairly and co-operatively together, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all.

Our school is a place of inclusion where everyone’s voice is heard.

Our core school values.

Our school, eco and worship council’s.

Our collective worship and assemblies.

Learning walks around our school and seeing our curriculum in action.

Our fundraising events e.g. Australian Bush Fires.

Our children work well together, showing co-operation, taking turns and respecting that other individual’s views may differ to their own.


Our children talk respectfully and demonstrate compassion and care towards others.

The rule of law.


Our core school values are evident in all that we do at Hormead. The discussion of our values and reflecting on them in action enables our children to develop a secure understanding of the need to be guided by such positive, important principles in their daily lives.

Our core school values.

Our classroom rules and learning behaviours.

School council meetings.

PSHE sessions and assemblies.

Learning walks around our school and seeing our curriculum in action.

External visitors e.g. police officers.

Our children follow our school rules and consistently demonstrate our values in all that they do.


Our children understand why we need to behave in this way.

Our children can discuss and debate issues and questions purposefully.

Individual liberty.



Our teaching, our worship and our discussions allow our children to develop their own thoughts and views. There is a strong sense of independence, making appropriate and purposeful choices responsibly.

Our core school values.

Our school council and our worship council.

Our collective worship and assemblies.

Learning walks around our school and seeing our curriculum in action.

Our children choosing challenges for themselves.

Our children accept responsibility for their actions, reflecting upon situations and moving forward accordingly.


Our children demonstrate independence in their thoughts and actions.