Y4 Visit Parliament!

30th January 2017
Y4 had a fantastic opportunity to explore the seat of our Country's government at the end of January. Invited by St Jospeh's in the Park, Hertford, we journeyed by Minibus and arrived at the doors to Westminster Hall - the oldest part of the Houses of Parliament (or Palace of Westminster, as it is officially called). We had a brief time to explore the hall, before our tour began.
We saw all the major rooms - the Queen's Robing Room, the Royal Gallery, The House of Lords (including the bench with armrests so the Lords Spiritual can have a snooze without embarrassing themselves!), and then back through the Central Lobby towards the House of Commons.
We walked through the Commons Lobby and admired some of the busts of past Prime Ministers, including a statue of Sir Winston Churchill. We went down the voting lobby and pretended to be MPs - walking past the ledger according to our surname, and came into the House of Commons behind the Speaker's Chair. It is smaller than it looks on TV! We met an MP who was writing a 'Prayer Card' - a way of reserving a place for when session opened later that day.
Afterwards, we had lunch in Portcullis House and walked down Whitehall to go past Downing Street.