A Hormead Hero

Welcome to our Pupils area of the website. We are a very busy school, with lots happening! Here you can find a little about what our children have been learning about this term. We aim to update this section termly, but you can see more of what we’ve been doing on our News pages or via our Facebook account: facebook.com/hormeadschool

Being a Hormead Hero
Starting at school, and doing your best, is not easy. A new school is a big change for you and your family. It is the sort of change that can worry people. But we don't want you to worry, we want you to be excited and look forward to starting in our school.
Here are a few bits and pieces to help make your start easier (and reminders for our Hormead Heroes already started!).
Things you will need every day:
  • Remember your book bag - it should have your reading books and Blue Reading Record book. Sometimes it will also have your homework or activity sheets too.
  • Bring a water bottle - handy for break times and during lessons if you get a bit thirsty (especially in PE).
  • Uniform & PE Kit - we wear a school uniform everyday, unless we have a Mufti Day (wear your own clothes day). You also need your PE kit every day, so it's ready to use. Bring it in on Monday and leave it at school all week.
  • In the summer, you might need a sun hat and sun cream. You need to be able to put this on yourself - unfortunately your teachers aren't allowed to help you with the cream!
School Rules
We don't have many school rules at Hormead, only 7! We learn that if you stick to these 7 simple rules you will always know you are doing the right thing - not just in school, but at home too!
They are based on our seven Hormead Hero Values. Each rule has a colour and symbol, and you can be nominated by teachers and friends for showing your values - going above the expectations of everyone. Scroll through the pictures to see the value badge and the rule. We celebrate Hormead Heroes as part of our Celebration Assembly each week, and a leaf is added to the tree in our entrance.