Pupil Voice

At Hormead we believe every child has a right to share their views about things that affect them. This includes their school life. We support the aims of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and take care to listen to our pupils.
We believe that encouraging children to participate in discussion about things that affect them helps them to learn about living in a democratic society - through co-operation, communication and by taking responsibility.
We also think it improves our pupils achievements by helping them to see the purpose behind what they are doing.
Sports Crew
Children in our Y3/4 class are asked to apply to be one of our Sports Crew. They help to lead games, sports and activities at lunch times. This includes organising the equipment and keeping the sports cupboard tidy.
They play an important part in encouraging all the children in school to join in and play together. They also lead our sports teams when we compete in local festivals. Click here to find out more about our Sports activities.
House Groups

All our children belong to one of these houses and work hard each week to earn house points. House points form part of our rewards system and can be earned for academic achievement  and behaviours above those normally expected. The house that earns the most points each week is presented with the house cup in our celebration assembly on a Friday afternoon. Their house colour ribbons are tied to the cup and it goes on display in our school library for the week.


Regularly through the year, the houses meet together for a House Huddle and talk about things important to them and about ways we can improve our school. They also share their views on whether they enjoyed an activity we arranged for them (such as a trip or visit) and other activities they might like to do.