Parent Workshops

From time to time, we hold workshops and open lessons for parents. They are opportunities to learn about how we teach your children and things you can do to support them at home. If there are any handouts or presentations, we will put them on this page to share with you at home.
Maths Workshop - explaining our approach (Spring 2017)
On Wednesday 8th March we held our first Maths Workshop - it was well attended. In the workshop we shared with parents how we approach Maths, particularly the early stages of developing children's understanding of concepts. Below are the handouts from the session. We hope they will be useful!
Phonics Workshop and Open Lessons (Autumn 2016)
We were delighted so many of our parents could attend these in October 2016. We hope they were useful.
Please find below the handouts from the Phonics Workshop, and the PowerPoint slides used.
Some comments from parents after our Open Lessons this month:
"Very informative, very well thought out and the children seem to enjoy it!"
"It was fantastic, and good idea to get the parents involved in their learning. Now I know how to help my child at home."
"I thought this was a brilliant idea. I have enjoyed seeing how they all learn. I love how everything is fun."