Oak Class KS2

Welcome to our class page!
We are the KS2 class at Hormead School. We love going deep into our topics, investigating and learning about all sorts of things - Romans, Chocolate, Plants, Skeletons, Fractions - it's all great fun! We have 27 children in our class.
 We have a large classroom that we love to explore through the different areas our teacher has set up for us. There are research stations, practice stations, books, computers, writing areas and maths resource areas. We help ourselves to whatever we need to help us learn - we love getting stuck in the 'Learning Pit' and finding a way out again!
We are really into our PE and sporting activities too - sometimes we pair up with Anstey School and then we're a force to be reckoned with!
  • Miss Amy Jones

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Jane Crowe