We are proud of the curriculum we offer our children, and music plays an important part in our day. Classes listen to music when they work, when they come in to start their day, and as they enter our hall for collective worship.
We sing songs every time we meet together, and for some of the key moments in the day. We sing grace before going for lunch, and use instruments to help us express ourselves.
A video clip of us singing for the Hormead Over 60s group in December 2015
Singing is really important to us, and we love learning new songs. Mr Asher finds lots of interesting songs about our daily life in school and at home. We have sung traditional songs, songs about learning, nature and science, and silly songs/rhymes too. Our weekly Singing Practice is a great time to learn about using the voice properly and learning new songs.
Hormead School Ukulele Orchestra
In January 2016, we launched an ambitious project to teach every child in our school a musical instrument. We chose the Ukulele and the Friends and Parents of Hormead School supported us by buying every child their own instrument.
Each week, the children in KS1 and KS2 bring their Ukuleles in to school for their lesson with Mr Asher. They cover the skills of playing, reading music, listening to music and exploring the history of the Ukulele. We play at our whole school events, such as our church services.
The children keep their Ukuleles at home and are asked to practice for a few minutes each day. This really helps to embed the skills they learn in their lesson at school.
A number of parents asked about how they can help their child learn, so Mr Asher held a Parent Workshop. The Powerpoint is below.