Our school meals are prepared and planned by Herts Catering Ltd. They specialise in providing a superb range quality meals for schools across the County. The choices always include plenty of fruit, vegetables, and salds. For information about their ingredients, and the services they offer (including menus etc) visit their website.

School lunch times are an important part of our daily routine. They provide superb socialisation opportunities, as well as a chance for children to fuel up for the busy day they're having. We offer nutritious, healthy and tasty meals prepared freshly on site every day through the school year. Children may also bring in a packed lunch from home if they prefer. The children eat their lunch in the School Hall together, sat in mixed age groups. This helps to create our sense of school community and a real hubbub of social time.

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently entitled to a Universal Free School Meal. This means they recieve a school provided meal every day free of charge (it is paid for by the Government). Other children may also be entitled to receive a free meal - please see information about these here.

For all other children (Nursery*, Year 3 and Year 4) school meals are available at an extremely reasonable price of £2.30 per day. They should be paid for in advance, daily, weekly or termly. At present, payment may only be made in cash or cheque through the school office.

*Nursery children can stay for lunch with us. Click to go to Nursery page on our website to find out more.

Golden Tickets!
Parents can buy a 'Golden Ticket' and join their child for lunch on a Friday. They cost £3.20 and are available from the office. We only have 5 available each Friday. It's a fantastic opportunity to catch up with your child in school, talk about their morning and see their classroom. You are invited to join them for lunch at 12noon, then visit their classroom to see some of their work. Afterwards, they will join their friends for playtime and you can get on with the rest of your day. Ask in the office for more information. 
Packed Lunch Guidance
Allergies and Special Diets
Please use this link if your child has a food allergy, intolerance or requires a special menu for religious, cultural or other reasons.
Please note, the following items are not permitted in school:
Nut products, fizzy (carbonated) drinks, glass containers, cans, sweets or chocolate.
We are a healthy school, and some of this list is linked to following guidance as part of our action plan. Others are due to health and safety concerns or allergies amongst pupils and staff.