Sports Day & Picnic

15th July 2016
What a brilliant day for our Teddy Bear Olympics and Picnic! We had a great time competing in the events and races, and even the teachers and parents joined in.
Each activity was themed and included 'Feed the Bear' (target throwing), 'The Bear Cave' (tri-golf), 'Welly Wanging' (to scare off an approaching bear...), and 'Carrying the Porridge' (balancing a ball on a tennis racket). There were then the traditional sprint races, one for each year group, and then a Three Bear's Relay Race - where the children had to shuttle run to collect all the parts to construct a bear, plus a bowl of 'porridge' and spoon. Parents and teachers had a race, followed by the Edwinstree Sports Leaders - who were brilliant at helping us for the whole morning.
The Friends and Parents served refreshments and raised a fantastic £73.37 towards our enrichment activities.
Lots of parents stayed for lunch time, which was a picnic on the school field. Teddy Bears came out to play, and so did the parachute. The weather was perfect and the children really enjoyed being out in the open all morning.
Thank you to everyone, especially the staff and pupils, for making the day such fun!