Jargon Buster

Schools often use terms and abbreviations that might be a little confusing or overwhelming. We have put together a ‘jargon-buster’ is to help parents, carers and visitors to our website understand some of the language and terminology that we use.

APP   Assessing Pupils' Progress

EAL   English as an Additional Language 

EYFS   Early Years Foundation Stage

FSM   Free School Meals

G&T   Gifted and Talented

H&S  Health and Safety

HLTA   Higher Level Teaching Assistant

IBP   Individual Behaviour Plan

IEP   Individual Education Plan

INSET   In-Service Training

KS1   Key Stage 1

KS2   Key Stage 2

LA   Local Authority

LSA   Learning Support Assistant

N.N.E.B   Nursery Nurse

PDP  Proximal Development Plan (for SEND children)

PHSCE  Personal, Health, Social  and Citizenship Education

PPA  Planning, Preparation, Assessment

OFSTED  Office for Standards in Education

SATs   Standard Assessment Tests or Tasks

SIP   School Improvement Plan

SEF   Self Evaluation Form

SEN / SEND   Special Educational Needs (& Disabilities)

SENCO   Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

TA   Teaching Assistant