Home Learning

All pupils receive home learning activities (homework). We believe this helps our children to consolidate their learning and practice the skills they have developed. It is also a brilliant opportunity for you to be involved in your child’s learning in a practical way. Every child is asked to read every day at home – even in the holidays! We also encourage parents/carers to read to their children too. Reading is vital skill that can also create a great deal of pleasure. Children may also receive spellings and/or times tables depending on their age and expectations.

Alongside these daily nuggets of practice and learning, a weekly homework activity might be set. We do expect the children to complete it as if it were a piece of class work, and therefore will mark the work accordingly. The time spent on these tasks at home can make a big difference to your child’s learning and development and will complement our work in school ensuring that good progress is being made. Please do contact us if you have any concerns or difficulties – we can find a way to make it work!
Ash Class
Home learning activities for our class can be:
  • Daily reading book - changed regularly in school
  • Library book - for free reading and choice, often non-fiction, but not exculsively so!
  • Letter/number formation sheet, to practice letters and numbers
  • Letter or word sounds to practice
  • Magic Moment sheets - to share exciting things that have happened at home. Children don't have to wait for one of these, whenever they happen they can write/draw about it, or bring in a photograph/special object. See our class page for the template.
Willow and Oak Class
Home learning activities include:
  • Daily reading book - changed regularly in school
  • Library book - free choice, changed weekly
  • Activity chosen from a bank of activities prepared by the class teacher. They will be linked to class work and children complete one a week in their Homework Book.
  • Depending on need:
    • Letter/handwriting practice sheet
    • Spelling lists (10 words)
    • Focus Times-table to practice
    • Word sound practice (phonics)