We pride ourselves on offering a wide and varied curriculum for our pupils. We aim to ensure they have every opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge through 'KASH' rich learning activities.
K - Knowledge
A - Attitude
S - Skills
H - Habits
Our teachers model the high expectations we ask the children to meet, which when coupled with an individual approach to support each child, ensures that every child makes progress.
We invite children to get stuck, and then show them ways they can unstick themselves. This helps to build resilience and independence in their learning. We talk to the children about the Learning Pit - a line that describes the emotions and feelings of learning something new.
We also ask the important questions of the day - are they a Rich Tea or a Hob Nob? Come and visit us to find out more and ask if the children have been a Rich Tea or a Hob Nob today. They'll tell you what the difference is too!
In the EYFS, we use the children's questions to help plan a wide range of themes and lessons. These are outlined each term in the Curriculm Newsletters - published on the Ash Class Page. We operate a two year rolling curriculum in KS1 and KS2. The grids are available here and on the class pages.