Attendance & Behaviour

Our pupils behave extremely well, and we are proud of how they demonstrate the values we live out daily. This is key to their success as learners, since disruptive behaviour prevents learning from taking place. Everyone in school should be polite, friendly, kind to others and respectful of people and our building/equipment.
We have developed a strong, positive system to help our children manage their behaviour choices and learn about consequences for when their behaviour does fall short of our expectations. You can read the full policy below.
As a school we take bullying very seriously. If you or your child feels that they are subject to bullying of any form whilst in school, we would strongly encourage you to come and speak to us as soon as possible so that we can help resolve matters quickly. Our Behaviour Policy includes a section on how we deal with bullying.
The evidence is very strong that a good level of attendance contirbutes to high levels of academic success and achievement. We are proactive in working with families to ensure that their child's attendance is good and every opportunity to learn and enjoy school is maximised.
Registers are open until 9am, so if your child arrives after this time you will need to sign them in at the Main Entrance.
Absences should be unavoidable and suitable evidence provided when requested. Please see our Attendance and Lateness policy for more information.
There are 190 days available for school based learning in the year.
The government considers an attendance rate of 95% or higher to be the expected rate for all school children. This allows some time off due to illness.
However, it all begins to add up:
90% attendance rate is like taking one full day off every two weeks.
An 80% attendance rate is like taking one full day off a week.
Being just 5 minutes late every day means nearly 16 hours of learning opportunity is missed each year.