Ash Class EYFS

Welcome to our class page!
We are the Early Years class at Hormead School with children in Nursery and Reception learning and playing together. There are currently 20 children in our class, 8 Nursery and 12 Receptions.
We love learning about the world around us, and we enjoy exploring sounds and letters in our Phonics work. This helps us learn to read and write. We spend a lot of time in our learning areas, exploring the resources and materials, and asking lots of questions. Our teachers help us with the answers, but often we find we can get the answer all by ourselves if we think carefully enough!
We have lots of 'Magic Moments' in class. These are moments where we learn something new or do something amazing, or get something right that we've worked really hard at. We invite parents to share our Magic Moments that happen at home - could be anything, from riding a bike/horse, to visiting a special place or person. Photos really make it come alive too!
  • Mrs Lauren Hill

    Class Teacher, M, Tu, W

  • Mrs Debbie Johnson

    Class Teacher, Th, F

  • Mrs Danielle Plumb

    Teaching Assistant, L3 Qualified