About our School

Hormead C of E (VA) First School is a popular First School situated in the small rural village of Great Hormead, just under 2 miles from the market town of Buntingford. Our school is very much the focal point of the village and caters for children aged from 3 to 9 years.

Founded in 1815, and in its current building since 1846, Hormead has offered quality teaching for over 200 years. We are an enthusiastic community of teachers and parents who put the pupils at the centre of our teaching.

Children attend from many of the surrounding villages and towns. As a Voluntary Aided Church of England First School, we have close links with the church of St Nicholas in Great Hormead where our children regularly visit to take part in services. The local Reverend is a regular visitor to the school.

The school was originally based in a school room built next to St Nicholas’ Church. In 1846, following a generous gift of land, the hall and kitchens we have now were built as the school room and accommodation for the teacher. 

Over the years, the school grew along with demand for more learning space. Extensions and alterations to the building were added, including in 1970 an outdoor swimming pool (unfortunately, since removed)! The main school is now based in a separate building next to the old Victorian school, and we use the old building as our hall, kitchen and teacher resource base.

From time to time, we dig out the archives and display them for all to see – there are some fascinating items in the school logs (especially since many of the families featured are still based in the local area, and some of the children attending today a descended from them).

Recent improvements have included improved library facilities, improved ICT equipment & infrastructure, a forest school area, a reflective garden and learning space, and a new Early Years Outdoor area. A school building is never finished, always changing to meet the changing needs of the children who come through our doors. Watch this space as we continue to improve our learning spaces!