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School Rules and Behaviour

It is important that everyone is happy and safe at school - that's how learning happens! To do this, we only have 3 School Rules that ensure we are making the right choices.

 Be Ready - Be Safe - Be Respectful


Our responsibilities are:

  • To do our best and allow others to do the same.
  • To treat others with respect.
  • To listen to instructions. 
  • To take care of the school property and environment.
  • To cooperate with other children and adults.
  • To understand and use the school values to help us with our choices and actions
  • To wear the correct school uniform with pride

Our school Values are important to us and our whole school. Our school behaviour is excellent because children know our school values and the learning behaviours they represent.


We love learning. We treat each other with love and respect.


We work well together. We share our ideas. We listen to others.


We are brave as we meet new challenges


We say kind things to each other. We say please and thank you.


We always tell the truth. We say sorry. We forgive each other.


We have a growth mindset – we try and try again.


We aim high and always do our best. We set goals to achieve.